Towards Our Customers

By ensuring maximum satisfaction in quality and service through continuous analysis and communication, making the availability of the product within your arms reach. The most crucial problem for almost agribusiness company in Indonesia, is the providing of agricultural input in continuous availibility.

Towards Our Personnels

By providing a work environment conducive to creative dynamism and professionalism. To also encourage interactive communication with management and customers for the free flow of ideas and thoughts. We offer to all personnel to get high achievement both at work and education in order to face the next millennium. At present, one of our personnel is studying at PhD Program, one person is at Master Program and the others are taking their diploma in many fields of expertise.

Towards Our Partners

We represent a relationship of trust and reliability. We believe in the power of united effort on organizational force against lone influence.

The Development of Company

Since it was established in 1989 with strong entreprenuership spirit by a young businessman, PT. Antarniaga Nusantara has been growing up and developing quickly. Its success story is the result of the combination of the profesionalism of the leader and the working hard of 62 existing personnels. The development of the company can be measured from the development of turn over or the number of personnels.